A Swimming Dragon

The footage is from a scene over 100 million years ago, in an alternate fantasy Earth’s version of the Jurassic. The camera that took the film was an experimental magickal construction carried by an experimental magickal time machine.

The time probe in question made the deepest descent into the past that has yet been verified, though there are claims that the probe actually went sideways in time instead of backwards. But the available evidence says it went back into the past.

The footage, about 23 seconds long, is for a dragon. More specifically, a hexapedal, winged, flying dragon. Something known about from the late Triassic. Thing is, this is a four foot long dragon, and it really isn’t flying, it’s more “rowing” through the air using its wings. In addition, it has been noted that the animal’s wings don’t act like wings should, and don’t look like wings should.

Most observers have come to the conclusion that, between size, conformation, and the inadequate wings, this dragon is not getting any lift from those wings. But how is it flying.

The most likely explanation is; this dragon is levitating, using his wings as sculls or oars to propel it through the air. And keep in mind I’m not talking about the sort of levitation made possible by a lighter than air gas, but levitation as made possible by the manipulation known as heka through an inborn talent for doing so through the mind.

And keep in mind that today, at least, dragons don’t consciously will this manipulation into effect, it’s more an instinctual ability.

When did this sort of dragon flight first appear?

The answer to that gets to wait for tomorrow.


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