In Other News

On November 17th, next Monday, I’m going to be interviewed for intake for courses at San Diego City College (SDCC). I’m planning on a self declared major, understand roleplaying guides. And since there is really no such major, as of yet, I get to create it. Some suggested studies include:

  • Roleplaying: What is roleplaying? How does one roleplay? What is the difference between theatrical, film, video, and table top roleplay?
  • What is a guide? How are they different from games? How are they like games?
  • What is story? How is story different from the actions in a roleplaying guide?
  • Communication: Communicating well. Communicating convincingly.
  • Presentation: Getting people engaged. Getting people involved. Getting people interested.
  • Options: Accepting a range of options. Is it necessary to limit the options? Becoming comfortable with options and the unexpected.
  • Plus courses on culture; society; geology, geometry, and geophysics; biology, sociology, history, religion, and anything else a student might learn as a way to make his RPG better.

With a focus on designing and writing the mechanics for an RPG, including mechanics for social interaction, politics, shopping, bargaining, and unexpected events. With an understanding of how life works, and how this understanding can, and will affect RPG play.

I’m thinking, if I can get that far; I’m only sixty after all; I’m going to get a doctorate in this.

Your thoughts?


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