The Harm of Bigotry

Community Research Foundation  (CRF) is the group I’m thinking of here, a local firm dedicated, though they won’t admit it, to oppressing and downgrading the mentally ill, and treating them all as though they were incompetent idiots incapable of acting in a responsible manner. In short, the CRF believes in collective guilt, and sincee that is a hallmark of Judaism and Christianity, it amounts to promoting at least one religious establishment. And since the CRF is supported by government monies. that means the foundation is in violation of the first and fourteenth amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

And it fits the particular flavor of authoritarianism to be found in the city of San Diego, CA. Unlike the patronizing bigotry of such as San Francisco CA, San Diego CA practices an oppressive bigotry, under the belief that maybe by oppressing the disabled they can be made to flee for better parts, and leave sacrosanct San Diego for the “right people”.

What, you may ask, occasioned my rant today? The fact that the CRF blocks certain types of web sites on the machines in their computer labs at their club houses in San Diego. File and cloud drives are banned, because the powers that be (PTBs) at CRF are convinced that all hold dirt and filth and bad things. This is known as stereotyping, and is a sign of bigotry. Bigots, by their very nature, are not to be trusted. So when I see my shrink next Monday I’ll be seeing about getting into a mental health clinic run by people who can be trusted.

I’m just tired of frauds, and if I had the resources I’d be looking into the (PTBs) in San Diego to see what charges could be brought against them. Corruption in city government is not restricted to Chicago or Los Angeles alone.


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