On Dangerous Journeys Magick

Yes, this related to the Dangerous Journeys roleplaying system, being concerned with what magick is and how it works in the system.

In the worlds of Dangerous Journeys magick is not entirely what you think it should be. In DJ magick is the ability to use a fundamental force known as heka, related to gravity, electromagnetic, the weak, and the strong. Those able to use heka are able to create effects of various sorts.

However, DJ magick is not wish fulfillment. You must have the ability to use heka. You must learn the best way to use heka to create the effect(s) you want. You must be able to focus on what you are doing, keep the focus, and learn how to ignore distractions. Using magick is not something you can do off the cuff, unless you are using a psychogenic power. You need an education in the art.

Even worse, you can’t stutter, mumble, or mispronounce words. You have to enunciate, speak in complete sentences, and mean to do what you mean to do. That is, act and speak with the full intention of creating a desired result.

Which isn’t always easy, and that is why it is possible to fail in your casting, or even create an effect you really didn’t want.

There is one thing you need to remember about magick in Dangerous Journeys; not every DJ roleplaying world will have it, or even to the same extent as other worlds. Some worlds won’t even have patterns, others won’t have effects, psychogenic powers, or even castings. Even when castings are available they won’t always be available the same way from world to world. Compare Unhallowed with Mythus some time.

Next time we’ll be taking a look at what heka is, and the phenomena associated with heka; the patterns, effects, psychogenic powers, and castings. Also with the laws of magick as used in the worlds of Dangerous Journeys.

See you tomorrow.


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