SDHC Apathy Continues

But That’s Work

Once more I reminded myself what a sleazy, incompetent, criminal enterprise the San Diego Housing Commission of San Diego CA is. That it is sponsored, tolerated, and enabled by San Diego city government, supported by San Diego’s construction industry, goes to show that city government in San Diego has earned the title of one of the top ten corrupt city governments in the United States.

How have I determined this?

The SHC’s hostility towards the poor, senior, and disabled, and their apathy regarding keeping on-line information current. It is my impression that of all the “affordable” apartments listed in their (purported) affordable housing guide (AHG), the great majority are not even close to being affordable by any means, and only a rare few actually provide housing for those with very low or low income.

Then you have their list of single resident occupancy hotels. Which, at present includes the…

  • Hotel San Diego
  • 339 West Broadway
  • San Diego CA 92101
  • (619)234-0221

Go ahead and call them. Look up the address in San Diego Ca and see what you find. If you are within driving distance, drive by and see what you see. It’s been awhile since I went by there, but by now a new extension to downtown San Diego’s federal complex should be well under way. The Hotel San Diego of San Diego CA was demolished and razed more than a decade ago. Long before the SDHC’s reported update of their AHG.

To sum up, there is an ongoing series of crimes in the city of San Diego involving, fraud, deception, malfeasance, and misrepresentation. Crimes for which the San Diego Housing Commission is guilty, guilty, guilty. Crimes the San Diego city government is an accessory to, with the collusion of San Diego’s building administration. Add to which is the fact that all three parties have shown a prejudice, bigotry, and stereotyping that would make a klansman blanch.

So if you are poor, a senior, or disabled be wary about moving to San Diego. City agencies in this town are hostile to you, and the city government consists of marionettes manipulated by the construction industry.

Wait till a very severe winter hits this city, and thousands of the homeless,- poor, elderly, and disabled die of exposure thanks to inadequate shelter. They may be joined by city officials hung from light poles.


One thought on “SDHC Apathy Continues

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